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Buddy Jackson

Painter, sculptor, photographer, and print maker Buddy Jackson makes figurative artworks that explore the beauty of the human form and the complexity of the human experience. The presentation of a nude verses a clothed being has specific meaning for Jackson in his work. The former represents a universal, all encompassing conception of humanity, while the latter personifies an individual. Born and raised in Tennessee, Jackson’s art is informed by his southern background. featuring subjects and commissioned sculptures.

I’m passionate about many things in life. The impetus to express myself through various creative media is constantly fueled by the challenge of reaching people and bringing them together on multiple levels through my work. I’m inspired by humans and culture in all their facets. I believe, as did Rodin, Henry Moore and many others, that the human condition communicates with us on an instinctive level. My goal in every piece I do is to address that condition. Implementing this power into a work can have an instinctual effect, thus, making an artistic statement that is universally understood, and more importantly, felt.

-Buddy Jackson

The Sorrows

This collection is about the truth and beauty of tears, sorrow, and loneliness that are apparent within us all, even if we don’t reveal them to the outside world. Like listening to Blues style music, these paintings are about hardship but they lift you up. The still women depicted in these paintings, drawings, and sculptures invite you with grace and serenity to connect with those onerous feelings within. They provide space and solace for your griefs. The figures, rendered free of specific environments, take on the symbolic role of carrying anyone and everyone’s burdens, not as a reminder of being wounded, but as markers of what we all overcome each day, month, and year. More images available upon request.

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Southern Gothic

Grounded by his southern roots, Jackson’s “Southern Gothic” series features snake handlers, musicians, working-class people, and of course the devil. These are glimpses into the people and concepts that were ever-present in his cultural upbringing. Like those from a Flannery O’Connor story or a Bobbie Gentry song, the characters depicted in Jackson’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures recall the ubiquitous paradoxes of spirituality and everyday life, race and class, and victim and hero that are part of the Southern vernacular. More images available upon request.

Gum Dichromate Prints

This printing process translates Jackson’s photographs into delicate works that relate the artist’s hand. These watercolor-like impressions are each unique because of the subtle manipulations Jackson makes to create contrast, texture, and clarity in each image. Applying pigment to the press is an intuitive process that results in a painterly style study of light and shadow. More images available upon request.


Jackson creates sculptures in a variety of mediums including bronze, tera cotta, and wood. His work demonstrates the range of styles, sizes, and subjects he considers for when imagining his art. Jackson’s focus on the figure unifies all of his graceful expressions. More images available upon request.

Born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1952, Jackson spent most of his childhood learning the language of the South in the hills and mountains of East Tennessee. The grandson of a Tennessee sign painter, he found solace in the creativity that flowed through him as it did in his Grandad before him. He attended UT for oil painting before moving to Nashville and starting Jackson Design, a premier design firm which he owned and operated for over twenty-five years. He was largely successful due to his fine art approach and went on to earn two Grammy’s for art direction and countless other awards for his work in the field. Jackson eventually sold his design business to continue his practice as a contemporary fine artist. Since then his critically acclaimed sculpture, photography, drawings and paintings have been included in several exhibitions, public and private collections and publications all over the country.