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Sara Lee Burd’s mission with Art Consultant Nashville is to bridge the divide between art and those seeking to engage with and own art. As both an art consultant and tour curator, she aims to educate through lively and fun conversations.

Based in Nashville, Sara’s close contacts with local arts businesses and artists make for meaningful tours of studios, public art, and galleries. Her curated tours provide an opportunity for appreciating the visual arts offerings in the city. Carefully written, they provide context to gain greater connections with art.

As an art consultant Sara connects clients with high quality art. If looking to buy, Sara can assist in finding the right work of art for your collection, home, or office. She can search locally, nationally, and internationally to source the perfect artwork for you.


About Sara Lee Burd

cropped-sara-1.jpgSara Lee Burd writes, consults, and curates in the visual arts. She is driven to encourage participation and interest in the arts. Previously the Executive Editor and Online Editor of Nashville Arts Magazine, a publication focused on the visual and performing arts in Nashville, TN, she has deep ties to the art community. Exploring art through writing, she has published articles in Nashville Arts Magazine, NumberHuffington Post, Burnaway, and Vanderbilt University’s Afro-Hispanic Review. She also writes museum catalogue essays. Sara has taught art history at the university level, moderated and participated in panel discussions, and hosted gallery talks with artists. She has also served as juror for museum and gallery exhibitions. Earning both a Masters in Art History from Vanderbilt University and her Bachelors in Art History from The University of Georgia, she has also deepened her expertise with art by visiting art fairs, museums, and galleries around the world. She grew up in Georgia and is also a native of Bogota, Colombia, which informs her interest in themes of identity, multiculturalism, and place. When not engaging with the arts in Nashville, Sara enjoys spending time with her husband Andrew and traveling.


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